Greenfield Organic Farms
Address: 1056 Greenfield Road Westminster, SC, 29693
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Phone: 864-280-3456
About Us
Greenfield Organic Farms is a 72 acre farm that is located in Westminster SC. We purchased the land in August of 2007 and have consistently taken steps to produce quality local food for our family and friends. We are continually taking steps to improve our quality of life and quality food.
June of 2015 we received our "Organic Certification" from Clemson University. It was a long, thorough and expensive process, but a process I am grateful for! Knowing we meet and exceed the national organic standards is important to our family, for obvious reasons. But also it's important to us, knowing we deliver the absolutely best product, period. Being. 'Certified Organic' farm ensures our customers they are purchasing the highest quality available.
We are able to provide white and brown, free range certified organic eggs as well as 'broilers' (meat birds) that are raised in pens on pasture and are moved daily.
2017 we will add additional cattle and we practice 'rotational' grazing. Our organic beef will be grass fed and grass finished and will be available soon. We are trying our hand at pastured pork, if this is a good fit, we hope to provide Certified Organic Pastured Pork, in 2017!
Fall of 2016 we will add organic pasture raised pork and should be avail spring of 2017 as well as plans for rabbit and goats. We currently have 3 1/2 acres of garden vegetables plus we added a 2100 square foot high tunnel house. Our plan is to produce 'in season' vegetables year around, with the possibility of extending seasons as well. We have had great success with "Crimson Sweet' watermelons and Honey Dews that are absolutely delicious and an incredible treat! This season we are hoping to grow multiple varieties of winter squash.
Everything we produce is what our family eats, with limited input from other sources, our farm practices have been born from a desire to know what we are eating and for us, our kids and grandkids to eat healthy!
Know we have an 'open door' policy, with full discloser of everything we do. You, your family and friends are welcome to visit Greenfield Organic Farms at anytime. Please understand we are a work in progress and there is still a lot of work to do. I am available most Fridays and Saturdays for a tour. If you would like to volunteer and share in the bounty, I am open to sharing what opportunities are available.
Our 'layers' are Rhode Island Reds (RIR) and White Leghorns they live in a mobile coop, which are moved to fresh grass every day/week. They are free range and safely live within a large moveable electric poultry fence or large enclosures. We added another 60 RIR's to keep up with the high demand for great eggs! Our girls are great foragers but are also fed, Soy Free, certified organic feed from Countryside Organics.
Over the last several years we have enjoyed the Cornish Cross broilers, these bird average 4-5 lbs (dressed) and not only are great tasting but the stock is unbelievable. We will also add some heritage breeds this year. Know that ALL our vegetable seeds are purchased from high quality certified organic growers and everything we grow is grown organically.
We added several things in 2016, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, fig trees and had an incredible experience with our existing plums. We will add more..... We also planted a large bed of asparagus and garlic.
If you would like to see or experience our farm, please let me know and we will be glad to have you out.
My cell number is 864-280-3456
Blessings in 2017