Terms of Service

For Producers
CAFE is partnering with farmers and producers who are interested in developing new ways to reach more customers. If you are interested in selling through our online market place, please Register Now.  We will contact you by e-mail or phone to talk about the process of selling through our market.

Why Sell Through CAFE?

Selling through CAFE lets you focus on your farming business, while we find local buyers for your food. Each farmer will be highlighted in our Producers section so that buyers can put a name and a face to the wholesome local food they are purchasing.

How It Works

CAFE members pay a premium to assure they are going to receive freshly harvested food that is free of poisons and is produced in a manner that honors the integrity of the farmland and the Earth as a whole. We ask all farms to be very specific in describing their practices of fertilization, pest control, crop rotation, cover-cropping, cultivation methods, composting, etc. We do not require organic certification, not because we think the standards are too stringent, but because we want CAFE members to have direct access to the farms and as well as access to all the relevant information about them. We do not use a tape measure but expect that all products are grown or produced within 50 miles of Clemson, South Carolina.

Baked, processed and prepared foods must be produced in compliance with SC cottage laws or prepared in a certified commercial kitchen. All local ingredients should be listed separately, and the quality and sources of non-local ingredients must be declared in your product description.

In most cases, the product must be grown or processed by you. If you outsource the processing you must declare the name and location of the processor and any off-farm ingredients.

How will CAFE determine the pricing for the products it sells?

Farmers and producers set the own price they wish to receive for their products. The system then marks up the retail price according to a fixed percentage in order to cover our overhead costs.

Will farmers and producers be charged any fees?

There is no fee for CAFE members to sell. Businesses that are not members are charged a $20 one time administration fee. Website and marketing costs are included in the markup price.

How will CAFE monitor the quality of the products it sells?

All products pass through our hands in the sorting and serving processes. We see all of our customers face to face on pick up day. Because we have such a close relationship with our customers we offer them a satisfaction guarantee. If they find any product lacking for any reason other than mishandling the grower will be charged.

How will the farmer or producer be required to deliver product?

All products need to be cleaned, packaged, labeled, separated according to pickup location, and delivered by 3:00 PM on Tuesdays to our location near Patrick Square at 364 Chapman Hill Rd, Central, SC 29630. Click here for a map

What if the farmer or producer fails to deliver product?

One of the challenges of this type of market for the farmer is to anticipate on Friday what you will have available to harvest on the following Tuesday. Quantities may be added during the shopping window between 9 PM Friday and Monday noon. Any order may be cancelled during the shopping window also. If you come up short on Tuesday for one reason or another we usually credit the shorted customer and deduct the sale from your next check. The sooner that you can notify the managers in the event of such irregularities, the better for all concerned.

What does a typical order cycle entail?

On Fridays farmers and producers update the availability of all products they wish to sell before the market opens at 9 PM. You may add products and available quantities after the market opens, but sales are heaviest Friday night and Saturday. Farmers will monitor their crops throughout the weekend and report any changes in quantity as soon as possible. After the market closes on Monday at noon, each farmer and producer will receive an email from CAFE at 1:00 PM detailing what they need to bring to the delivery site. Harvesting, packing, labeling, and sorting by location can take place Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Products must be delivered by 3:00 PM on Tuesdays to our location near Patrick Square at 364 Chapman Hill Rd, Central, SC 29630. Click here for a map.