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Hawthorn & Hearth
About Us
I’m Alex, a professionally trained herbalist, homestead gardener and farm to table cook. Hawthorn & Hearth is my offering of herbal handiworks, farm grown and foraged foods and nature inspired art from the heart. I’m a transplant from the mountains of the west coast, currently living on my family's farm in Westinster, SC. I'm loving rambling the rich Appalachian bioregion and building kinship with the local plants, critters and people. I’m passionate about nourishing community with vibrant local foods and medicinal herbs.
I grow, ethically forage, harvest, process, and formulate the majority of medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits in my products. I utilize regenerative and sustainable growing practices, with all organic inputs and adherence to lunar and seasonal cycles. When I’m unable to grow or harvest something myself, I strive to source my ingredients regionally, supporting other local farmers and makers. I formulate herbal collections with seasonal plants and seasonal needs in mind. I craft herbal recipes with folk and scientific methods and distill my own botanical essential oils and hydrosols in a glass still for use in bath and body care creations. Everything offered is handmade with great care, time and intention.