Thomason Farm, LLC
Address: 1098 Cartee Rd. Anderson, SC, 29625
Phone: 864-934-9594
About Us
We have a small (but growing) Veteran-family-owned farm in Anderson, SC. We sell delicious & healthy fresh eggs for consumption straight from the farm. We offer meat chickens (Cornish Cross). We process these about every 8 weeks. We have fig and pear trees, pecan trees, and blueberries, as well as fresh herbs.
We also added honeybees in March 2022 and now offer pure raw honey!
Our chickens are fed a mixture of quality organic/non-GMO and soy free feed, fermented whole grains, sprouted grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh herbs. We also mix flaxseed into their diet to add Omega-3s to their eggs.
We have healthy, happy chickens who get to free range for most of their day. So, their diet is very well-rounded. The quality of their lives and nutrition is truly reflected in the quality and taste of their eggs and meat.
Our honey is raw, pure, and unfiltered. No pasteurization here! It comes straight from our backyard hive just the way the bees made it. We have a Flow Hive and basically tap the hive like a keg. The honey flows straight from the hive into your jar! It is super fresh, super local, and super delicious!
We do not use chemicals on our farm. We use organic / natural products for insect and weed control as needed.