Winding Creek Farm
Address: 129 Earl's Ford Rd Mountain Rest, SC, 29664
Phone: 847-502-0228
About Us
We are a small sustainable family farm. Growing up in a farming family I longed for my kids to experience the same life and have access to healthier foods. Our animals and produce are raised and grown the way nature intended things to be. Our animals are raised with the intent of providing for our family as we need, but they are foremost treated and loved as pets. All produce grown is started from Non-GMO seeds on our property. We have been sharing or excess with friends and family over the years and are planning to expand to the community. I enjoy making soaps, tinctures, dairy products, baking, and having the ability to provide most of our families needs here on the farm, therefore keeping us away from so many of the chemicals and preservatives that surround us.
Our Animals free range in their given pasture area. We do not use vaccines nor use antibiotics unless all natural methods have been exhausted. We grow our own hay to feed them when needed. Excess produce is fed back to the animals.
Gardening Practices: till soil in the spring and hand weed or use ground coverings to prevent weeds.
Our goal is to be chemical free and make every effort possible to use only natural products for insect control.