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Cedar Creek Mountain Farm and Nursery
Contact: Steve and Christine Barr
Address: 710 Little Eastatoee Rd Sunset, SC, 29685
Phone: 864-423-6433
About Us
We are a family owned and operated farm and wholesale nursery located in the Eastatoee valley specializing in native grasses, shrubs, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and hydroponic vegetables and herbs. We have 4 greenhouses with one dedicated to hydroponic production. We take pride in offering premium clean, chemical free produce that not only tastes better than the mass produced factory farm products but is better for you.
Our soilless hydroponic production method is clean and simple. We use no harmful chemicals. The NFT (nutrient film technique) system uses a mineral infused water that is recirculated and provides the plants with the precise nutrition they need. There is no soil and no animal waste needed.