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Seven Springs Farm
Contact: Ellen Haynes
Address: P.O. Box 388 PO Box 175 Six Mile, SC, 29682
Phone: 864-508-0297
About Us
As a small family farm located in the Appalachian foothills, our primary focus is the raising of naturally-grown culinary and medicinal herbs and produce. We use no commercial pesticides or fertilizers, believing the natural methods God provided are best for the earth and for us. Our herbs are grown using only Six Mile sunshine, collected rainwater and well water and natural additives to enhance growth.

After researching soap and lotion-making, Carol decided to try her hand at making soaps following the cold-processed method. Using exclusively raw goat’s milk and organic oils, she crafts Mountain Heritage Body Care Products. Soap Dots and Six Mile Goat's Milk Lotions are very moisturizing and good for the skin. She chose to focus on non-scented products for those who have fragrance sensitivities or allergies, though essential oil fragrances can be added to the lotion.

Since we want to eat clean healthy food, our gardening includes organic practices in preparing the soil and fertilizing with well-composted goat, chicken and rabbit manure in the soil and fish emulsion on actively growing plants. We also focus on using heirloom seeds and plants for great flavor and non-gmo contamination.

When companion planting of flowers and herbs do not deter pests, we use organic or homemade natural pesticide sprays to control pests. We hand weed our raised beds.
Our products are grown or made locally, as naturally as possible. The herbs and produce are naturally grown without added chemicals. See our Farm Description for more information about our farm philosophy.