Crooked Oak Orchard
Address: 498 Raines Rd Mountain Rest, SC, 29664
Phone: 970-820-9782
About Us
Pesticide and chemical free, although cannot be labeled “organic”.
Ignacio is a fourth generation farmer with a degree in Organic Agriculture from the Dominican Republic. Our produce is grown with the desire to contribute to the food system with the freshest and most nutritious produce, fruits and herbs. We believe in wellness through a clean and flavorful diet, which we’re blessed to share with you!
Soil amendments: gypsum, bone meal, lime, organic peat, feather meal
Pest control: biological arbico organic, pyganic, American clay
Weed control: manual, Solarisation, cover crop, plastic culture
Tillage/bed prep: tiller, plow, on contour
Irrigation: drip irrigation of well water
Seed/seedling sources: Johnny selected seeds, grow our own seedlings