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CanDee Orchard
Address: 343 KNOX RD MARTIN, GA, 30557
Phone: 706-386-0338
About Us
CanDee Orchard is a Five Acre farm run by Retired Veterans! We are Christians and blessed by God to keep our orchard primarily focused on growing Blueberries (Titan, Premier, and Powder Blues), Chester Thornless Blackberries, Red Raspberries, Peaches (white and yellow), Gala Apples, Brown Turkey Figs, and Spearmint.
Organic is the primary concern and looking to become certified. We use a deep water well for the crops. We maintain soil moisture, control erosion and control weeds with mulch (thank you "Back to Eden"). Combat insects like Japanese Beetles with soapy water (in fact most insects), and protect our barn with carpenter bee traps (way more effective than swatting). Petroleum jelly keeps ants off the peach and apple trees (thank you "Self Sufficient Me") and use potash from the fire pit to help nurture our peach and pecan trees. Spearmint seems to be keeping many nuisance insects at bay but bees are still plentiful for pollinating (thanks to our neighbors!)