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Marantha Garden Exchange
Contact: Marantha & Eli
Address: 338 Little Crowe Creek Rd. Market at the Mill Pickens, SC, 29671
Phone: 864-436-7773
About Us
We live an off-grid Life-style using 100 percent Sun Power! The food we grow and the products made ALL come from our land. and are an extension of our life-style. All plants started , planted and grown on the land using Permaculture practices of working with nature. All the Wild Harvested Food grows in our Woods and in our Garden. Herbals Products produced from the plants grown here! We have a Native Plant Nursery with plenty of Heirloom Veggies and Herbs.
CBD has become a larger part of my business as I’ve witnessed its healing powers. I carry some local CBD products that are grown ORGANICALLY. I carry tinctures for people and pets. Lots of candy, honey , Elderberry Tonic as well as topical CBD for pain management.

Your Earthy Eco-Gardener, Certified Herbalist, Wild Crafter and Native Nursery Grower
Certified South Carolina Grown!

PS. Offering Health/Wellness Coaching snd Gardening Advice.

Owners: Marantha and her son Eli
In tune with Nature! Combining Permaculture, Biodynamics and Organic practices to provide our family and yours the finest high nutritional food. Because we mulch year after year our Gardens use the rain for water. we have bunnies and chickens so the manure from these furry friends are utilized as fertilizer as well as a Biodynamic "weeds in water concoction. There's companion planting with herbs and flowers. Plus a lot of Love!