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Patchwork Garden
Address: 302 E South 3rd St Seneca, SC, 29678
Phone: 864-723-6974
About Us
Since we moved to Seneca in 1984, I've gradually converted most of my yard to a vegetable garden. I grow vegetables and a few fruits for our own use and to share with neighbors. In 2013, a friend gave me a few ginger "mother roots" from Japan, and I now have enough to share. I harvest the rhizomes in November and overwinter them in a cool basement. I save the larger roots for planting, and, after I plant my garden, I'll offer the remaining large roots in April.
Over three decades I've improved the original clay-based soil with regular applications of compost and animal manures. When needed, I purchase environmentally friendly commercial products to balance the nutritional profile of the soil. I do not use chemical pesticides.