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Greenfield Organic Farms
Address: 1058 Greenfield Road Westminster, SC, 29693
Phone: 864-280-3456
About Us
Greenfield Organic Farms is a 72 acre farm that is located in Westminster SC. We purchased the land in August of 2007 and have consistently taken steps to produce quality local food for our family and friends. As we continue taking steps to improve our quality of life and quality food, we look forward to connecting with a like minded community of people who are looking to eat clean, healthy farm fresh produce and meats.
June of 2015 we received our "Organic Certification" from Clemson University. It was a long, thorough and tedious process, but a process and continues every year. Knowing we meet and exceed the national organic standards is important to our family, for obvious reasons. But also it's important to us, knowing we can deliver the absolutely best product, period. Being a 'Certified Organic' farm ensures that our customers are purchasing the highest quality available. A simple rule to remember is that anyone (and a lot do) can say 'organic' (organic grown, organic practices etc) but with out the certification you can't be certain. So look for the label 'USDA Organic' to ensure you are getting the best out there.
May of 2017 we added a few head of cattle, this works well with our existing work load, so in the fall we will double the heard size. It still will be another year before we can offer Organic grass fed beef! And we are looking forward to that day! We do practice 'rotational' grazing. Our organic beef are grass fed and grass finished and will be available soon. Out pork production is starting to take off, what a great animal, we raise a heritage hog called 'Large Blacks' they are a docile but large animal. Gary our boar will weigh in at 550-600#'s and Penny our sow is 500-550#'s. We are still learning and overcoming a few more hurdles but are real close to being self sustainable in the pork production side. Our pigs do graze on pasture and move to the 'cooler' bottoms come summer. They root and forage and do all the things pigs do! We will sell them in different stages from roasters to pig picking to getting one put up for the year. The Large Blacks are best known for their micro-marbleization and the meat is red which makes for an incredible pork chop or loin.
We have over 300 tomato plants in the ground this summer, purple, red, yellow plus cherries and two kinds for canning. Please stop by for a taste of what a real tomato tastes like, just like they used too. No salt needed but if you have to have some bring some!
We currently have 3 acres of garden vegetables planted with variety of prime vegetables and we have a 2100 square foot high tunnel house that is being prepared for the fall/winter season. Our goal is to produce 'in season' vegetables year around, with the possibility of extending seasons too. Follow us on FaceBook for current availability.
We have had great success with "Crimson Sweet' watermelons, Muskmelons and Cantaloupe, that are absolutely to die for, what an incredible treat! This season we have a field dedicated to 'Butternut' and 'Spaghetti' winter squash. We'll be glad to share recipe ideas to such an incredibly healthy food option.
Everything we produce is what our family eats, with limited input from other sources, our farm practices have been born from a desire to know what we are eating and a commitment for us, our kids and grandkids to eat healthy!
Know we have an 'open door' policy, with full discloser of everything we do. You, your family and friends are welcome to visit Greenfield Organic Farms at anytime. Please understand we are a work in progress and there is still a lot of work to do. I am available most Fridays and Saturdays for a tour. If you would like to volunteer and share in the bounty, I am open to sharing what opportunities are available.
Our 'layers' are Rhode Island Reds (RIR) and they live in a mobile coop, which are moved to fresh grass every day/week. They are free range and safely live within a large moveable pen to keep them safe. We are adding more RIR's but unfortunately we have put egg production on hold until a later time, so there are no eggs available to the public, we will return to producing eggs more than likely its going to be 2019.
Over the last several years we have enjoyed the Cornish Cross broilers, these bird average 4-5 lbs (dressed) and not only are great tasting but the stock is unbelievable. Again the poultry production is put on hold as well. The problem we have is the cost of feed is so high its hard to develop a market. We do grow both for personal consumption but until I can grow our own feed source we won't have eggs or chickens available for market. Again hopefully we can figure this out next year.
Know that ALL our vegetable seeds are purchased from high quality certified organic growers and everything we grow is grown organically.
We added several things in 2016, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, fig trees and had an incredible experience with our existing plums. We have added more but still are a year away from going public with these products, with fourteen grandkids they tend to eat them all! My solution is to plant more, lol!
This past year we also added two large beds of asparagus and we will add another as well. Our garlic was absolutely outstanding we had both soft neck and hardback and tried so many new recipes. Ive come to believe everything is better with garlic! Try this, on your corn, butter, garlic and Slap Your Moma seasoning, you won't go back!
If you would like to see or experience our farm, please let me know and we will be glad to have you out.
My cell number is 864-280-3456