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Hagood Mill Foundation
Address: PO Box 98 Pickens, SC, 29671
Phone: 864-898-2936
About Us
The Hagood Mill Foundation oversees the day-to-day operation of the Hagood Mill Historic Site. The feature of our site is the Hagood Mill, a grist mill that has been in operation since 1845. At the Hagood Mill we grind with water power a variety of grains and flours; most famously our grits and cornmeal, and lesser known our range of specialty flours. As a full disclaimer, our grains are grown conventionally and supplied through east coast distributors. Many of our grains are Non-GMO and they are clearly labeled as such, when the information is provided by the distributor.
We grind our grains using a water powered grist mill. The grains are grown conventionally.