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Roundtop Farm
Address: 162 Riggins Bridge Road Liberty, SC, 29657
Phone: 864-770-3337
About Us
We are a small family farm, converting former horse pastures into productive farmland starting around 2014. Almost all of our production is grown in high tunnels. We have happy hens, busy bees, content pasture raised sheep, and a variety of vegetables and fruit.
We have a happy flock of free range, grass fed chickens without any chemicals. Our small flock of Tunis sheep help to keep the pastures trimmed. We support our bees using a combination of top bar and Langstroth hives; all hives are foundationless, and we never use any chemicals or antibiotics in the hives. We utilize sustainable, organic gardening principles with focused crop rotation, limited use of OMRI approved products, integrated pest management and permaculture concepts. We irrigate with well water. All of our seeds, rootstock and transplants are certified organic