Lein Farm
Contact: William and Michelle Lein
Address: 147 Lein Drive Iva, SC, 29655
Phone: 864-221-1236
About Us
We are a small family farm that raises Black Angus and Hereford beef cattle, Katahdin and Dorper sheep, Landracer, York and Duroc pigs. Our beef and lamb meat is all natural (no hormones or antibiotics) and grass fed (and grass finished). We also have all natural produce and honey. We use the bees to pollinate our produce field.
We also were one of the states first hemp farms and have CBD oil from our hemp crop that we had during that time (2019).
In addition to all of our meat and produce occasionally we have hand sewn and hand made items for sale.
We also have pecan trees that have been on our property for hundreds of years and we have pecans for sale seasonally .

We provide a more natural environment for our animals to graze and forage, which helps to promote better health and wellbeing for the animals. The environment is less stressful, and we are able to have a personal relationship with our animals and be more aware of their individual needs. We use more natural, sustainable farming practices , which helps to reduce the environmental impact of raising cattle, and reduces the stress on the animals. All our animals are hormone and antibiotic free. All of our produce is grown naturally with no pesticides.