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Nood Clean
Contact: Jim and Deana
Address: 801 Halcyon Circle Greer, SC, 29650
Phone: 864-498-8500
About Us
. We are a local upstate business; my family make from scratch a natural Laundry detergent, Dishwasher detergent, Liquid Castile soap, Dish/hand soap, Hand Foaming soap, Bug Repellent and Sunscreen. Our product presently can be found here at the Clemson food Exchange and many other upstate Retail location. We are working with several farmers markets this year such as Toasty Farmer Winter Market, Travelers Rest farmers market and Downtown Greenville Saturday Market
We are a family owned and operated local business from Greer, SC and our goal from the beginning was/is to make a natural cleaning soaps that is safe for everyone to use without worry of toxic chemicals and allergic reactions. We make are soap from scratch one 5 gal. batch at a time to ensure consistantcy. We make our soap for us to use or have our friends or family to use. Please contact us at 864-498-8500 with any questions. Our laundry soap is safe for you, family and our enviroment. We have Mothers who use it for cloth diappers to outdoor wokers and people who do out door sports use it safely. Most of the other natural Laundry and Liquid cleaning soaps you find in the Upstate area COOP's and natural groceries stores are made in Road Island, Vermont, California and etc. We live and work in the upstate. We raised our Children here and our Children are raising their children here.