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313 Cafe
Contact: Jason Criscillis
Address: 807 ByPass 123, Suite 16 Suite 17 Seneca, SC, 29678
Phone: 864-710-8500
About Us
Opening in April 2018, 313 Cafe is a small cafe located at 807 ByPass 123, Seneca, SC. 313 pays tribute to Detroit, the city where I’m from. Never forgetting my roots, the area code is a constant reminder of the city’s ability to improve, evolve, and ultimately survive. Now calling Seneca my home, I wanted to bring everything that was positive from Detroit to this fine community. And what’s better reaching this goal than opening a café, a place where people come together, socialize, and enjoy life’s pleasantries. Providing grounded, thoughtful, and inspiring food, beverages, entertainment, and service, 313 is the ideal location for casual dining, impromptu gatherings, and special occasions.
We strive to use the best ingredients available--the most local, cleanest, freshest. We use the simplest preparations to create delicious food. We try to be as green as possible, using recycable products, energy efficient lighting and appliances, and the least food waste possible. We have been working with local producers to find the absolute best offerings of the Upstate and surrounding areas, and are always looking for new products and producers.