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Cranky Cluckers Farm, LLC
Contact: Tiffany Wilmoth and Derek Stemmerich
Address: 319 Creamer Rd Anderson, SC, 29625
Phone: 304-692-0456
About Us
Cranky Cluckers Farm is a small poultry farm in Centerville. We have a happy little flock of 15 hens and one rooster. Our hens lay a rainbow of colors from pink to medium brown and blue/green. We pride ourselves on having healthy hens with beautiful plummage.
Our hens free range in the evenings and on the weekends and keep safe in the coop during the day time. Eggs are collected every evening, washed, and stored in the refrigerator. Our hens eat Purina Layena crumbles and forage on our 12 acres. Saturdays are their favorite day because it's Mealworm Saturday at Cranky Cluckers and our birds know when it's Saturday!