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Crescent Moon Farms
Contact: Lois Ryan & Sandra Howington
Address: 485 Greenfield rd Westminster, , 29693
Phone: 864-985-3357
About Us
We are three women who run a grade A dairy at the moment taking a much needed break ftom the dairy side. We continue with our baking and 100% goat milk soap making, salves and lotions. We are also makers of quilts, sew, crochet, knit, paint peg dolls and treasure boxes, sew are felted sequin birds and make ornaments. Naming a few of our creative endeavors. Also in season we have naturally grown blueberries, muscadines, scuppernogs, figs and pecans, we wild harvest as much herbs and plants as we can and dry these or infuse in oil.
We hope in the 2021 season to offer select vegetables and plants and flowers.
All natural