Cool Mountain Farm
Contact: Susan Perkins
Address: 4277 Hwy 11 Pickens, SC, 29671
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Phone: 704-361-2308
Website: coming soon
About Us
Susan of Cool Mountain Farm, does grow, propagate and harvest Native and Mountain PLANTS on her natural forested mountain flora acreage near table rock SC. Also grown are other rare, unique, popular or desirable landscape PLANTS that we propagate from mother plants. Majority of our plants are perennials that survive and expand year after year. Offering; fruiting plants, herbs, natives, shrubs, flowers, ground covers, vines, bulbs and trees. Mature landscape options are sold in large containers or with root balls in burlap. Seasonally as available we offer fresh floral bouquets, fresh herbs, edible flowers, and small amounts of fruit and vegetables. Native and mountain plants include: Shiso perilla, mountain laurel, rhododendron, various ferns, water edge or heavy shade lovers, grasses, TREES- sourwood or tulip poplar for beehive owners and vibrant orange or yellow fall color, vibrant fall mountain red maple, chestnut, turkey or scarlet oak for high acorn production and wildlife sustenance. Native Fruit plants are blackberry, wild blueberry, elderberry and muscadine grape. Native or mountain native Perennial plants also include: wild ginger, moss, autumn clematis and red or white honeysuckle vines, siberian iris, wild aster and daisy, native daylily and iris, wild violet purple and woodland white, wild salvia, ground covers like vinca major and minor, ground pine, asiatic dayflower, trailing moss. Rare, unique and limited quantity natives include: stunning 'pinxter azalea' bushes, bellworts, trillium, jack in pulpit, cinnamon fern, bloodroot, lily of valley, cardinal flower, pippsisswea, wild orchid, galax, wild cherry trees and sassafras tree. Propagated favorites include elderberry, canna lily, new wave, blue or purple hydrangea bushes, gardenia, quince, premium daylillies or iris like bronze or red, hosta, hellebores, rosemary, pineapple or orange mint, dutch iris, muscari, mock orange, sedum, creeping jenny, Ivy, amaryllis, crocosmia, raspberry bushes, bluestar, forsythia ‘yellow bells’ edible flowers for chickens or chefs (feb-march blooms).
I regret that due to poor health and limited ability to maintain home and property, I may need to sell my mountain home. ... Any season could be my last. Hopefully I am here thru the Spring of 2021 but This Fall of 2020 is the last season I can guarantee offering these wonderful rare or native plants. Fortunately, FALL is the best time to install trees, shrubs, large rooted plants and perennials. That is because less watering is needed than all summer because plants take a break and focus on root growth (needing less moisture) instead of leaf growth. This makes them established come spring, where they start early and grow fast before summer comes. All products are grown naturally on the property, or rooted, separated or otherwise propagated here until roots are developed enough for resale. Selective harvesting maintains the natural beauty of this forest, using a thinning practice, cuttings of branches from, or leaving master plants in place. Yet allowing others to share and relocate natives, and enjoy or create their own mountain or garden oasis. Chickens provide compost used with custom mixed natural soil and conditioners like peat or bark mulch, specific to plants’ preference (well-drained versus rich or loamy). No pesticides or fungicides are used as native plants are hardier, more disease and insect resistant (not without). Although spring and fall is when some worm or caterpillars holes might be found (until the chickens find them). Most plants are Sold in containers ready for planting, unless otherwise specified, and we gladly take pots back for reuse or donations of pots. Not all items are available at all times. Some may be dug when needed, except for hot summer months. Some limited and favorites may sell out in springtime. Larger specimens of 8-12 feet laurel, rhododendron and some other shrubs or trees may have to be picked up at farm due to weight and size if noted in listing. Discounts when larger specimens are dug by and picked up by purchaser at farm.