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Sea Fire Eclectics
Contact: Meri Goswami
Address: 109 Wardlaw Lake Road Central, SC, 29630
About Us
Established in 2024, Sea Fire Eclectics is committed to the principles of “food not lawns”, plant, animal, and insect therapy, reduce/recycle/reuse/repurpose practices, and minimalist philosophies. I'm preparing to sell my homestead as soon as is possible and relocate to a region with a climate that suits my current health needs. While still in Pickens County your interest in my eclectic listings is very much appreciated and is used for the care of my aging companion dog, Dill, and for healthy purchases for myself within the CAFE market.

As I adapt to changes in my body I am also adapting to lifestyle modifications that include broadening the way I think about gardens and harvests. This will be the second growing season that my little Findhorn garden has gone to seed and the second growing season in decades that I haven’t had a garden. Thankfully, the lemon balm and oregano I'd planted and tended for at least a decade have gleefully multiplied, are thriving, and harvests from the lemon balm for salves and butters and oregano for potting youngsters up for market look very promising.

“Deep Greens and Blues are the colors I choose…” and I’m always on the lookout for silver linings and ways to enrich my mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health, I've discovered the intense eco-system that is alive and well on this 4.5 acre homestead. With each day and night I live here, and the less my health allows me to maintain the land in my heretofore established ways, the deeper my love for the Natural World. So as I make every effort to sell and move I look forward to new beginnings.

You may notice on many of my labels that I've added a YouTube page address:
I discovered Nina Simone's recording of "Feeling Good" very recently - its deep, bluesy rhythmic style matches beautifully with gospel lyrics that I can relate to in so many ways. It came into my life at the perfect time.

No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, ever, on the land.