The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm
Address: 1900 Due West Hwy Anderson, SC, 29621
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Phone: 864-437-9343
About Us
Our farm is new. We purchased the property last August, and began the process of converting land previously used only for horses into a productive farm dedicated to raising and preserving the Tunis breed of sheep. We also raise free range chickens for both egg and broiler production. An orchard has been planted for various apples, and we’re expecting a healthy harvest from our mushroom towers. In addition to these items, we have a field dedicated to fresh culinary herbs, and another field set aside for lavender and sun flowers.
The Painted Egg at Copper Barrel Farm is the realization of a life-long dream. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products for those who seek an opportunity to experience foods produced in a sustainable manner based on century farm practices.