Walker Century Farms
Contact: Drs. William and Nancy Walker
Address: 110 Walker Rd Anderson, SC,
Email Address:
Phone: 864-650-4908
About Us
Walker Century Farms is a 200 acre family farm that Nancy and William Walker own and operate in Anderson County. The farm has been in the Walker family for more than 100 years. The Walkers raise and sell pure-bred Devon cattle along with beef and pork.
Sustainable and organic production practices are utilized, although the farm is not USDA Certified Organic. Our pastures are managed with organic fertilizers, and no hay is cut from the fields. Rotational grazing is practiced, resulting in more efficient grazing and better use of the land. Each section is allowed to grow new grass before being grazed again. We have been using sustainable techniques on our pastures for several years. This consists of using only organic and natural fertilizers to help build up soil (as opposed to chemical fertilizers). And, using rotational grazing which gives the pastures time to recover. We are very pleased with the results this far, our pastures are nice and green plus the cows are very happy.