Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co
Address: 2675 Hampton Rd WELLFORD, SC, 29385
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Phone: 864-347-0560
About Us
We are a family farm and business that believes in hard work, attention to detail, and giving our rabbits the best care and conditions. Every rabbit is raised in an independent, sheltered environment that allows each animal to receive proper and individualized food, water, and rest. They are on a high protein and fiber diet of Alfalfa and other nutrients. This high quality feed gives us very consistent and healthy rabbits. All of the processing and packaging is done right here on our farm, which, again, allows us to guarantee quality and freshness. Our practices and facilities have been inspected and approved by the USDA and our packaging and handling meets all USDA and FDA standards. We are also proudly SC grown certified.
At Blue Ridge Rabbit Meat Co., our practices ensure that we can guarantee our rabbits to be free of antibiotics and hormones. We operate a "closed herd" policy which means that all of our rabbits are born and raised right here on our farm. This policy promotes herd health and ensures quality, uniform rabbits.