Black Diamond Beef /D&M Meats/Tokeena Angus
Contact: Neil and Gwen McPhail
Address: 320 Coyote Lane Seneca, SC, 29678
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Phone: 864-247-7843
About Us
Our farm is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features several restored historic structures, a working barn that is over 100 years old and a display of depression glass, cookware, vintage Homer Laughlin dinnerware and other antiques from the early 1900's. Our family has been in the Angus business for over 70 years, establishing the first registered Angus herd in South Carolina in 1936. For the past three generations, we have selected for marbling and tenderness with the ability to grow on grass, bringing some of the best genetics from Montana and Nebraska home to our farm. We've also added several Japanese Black Wagyu to our herd,selecting some of the best genetics from this elite breed for our product. This delicious, buttery tender beef is now available in limited supply. We also have a small flock of pasture raised Barbados Blackbelly sheep. This mild flavored heritage breed requires no vaccines or wormers. They are great browsers and enjoy nibbling on grasses, honeysuckle and clover.
Our pastured animals are raised without the use of antibiotics or growth stimulants and have access to pasture year-round. Once the grass turns brilliant spring green, we begin rotational grazing, moving the cattle every few days through summer and early fall. In winter, the pastures are over-seeded with barley and oats. The sheep have access to rich native grasses spring through fall, and an over-seeded pasture for winter. Fresh, granite filtered water is pumped from a well that is over 600 ft. deep, allowing all the animals access to delicious cool well-water at numerous spots across the farm. Our meat is dry-aged, custom cut, and vacuum wrapped at a USDA inspected, family owned processing plant.