SaBill Farms
Contact: Sara & Bill Foster
Address: 174 W Bennett Rd Westminster, SC, 29693
Email Address:
Phone: 864-784-2032
About Us
SaBill Farms is a family-owned and operated farm in Westminster, SC. We sit on nearly 17 acres of beautiful pasture land. We raise free-range chickens and ducks in addition to our honey bees.
*WE HAVE HONEY, DUCK EGGS, AND SOME CHICKEN EGGS - CHICKENS ARE SLOWING DOWN DUE TO HEAT* Our ducks and chickens enjoy a 1.5 acre fenced in area (to protect from predators) of MaxQ fescue and bermuda grasses over seeded with clover. This pasture composition allows for increased protein in their forage in addition to the layer mash they are fed (free-choice) and the various things they forage during the day. Animals free range their pasture from dawn until dusk, where they are closed in one of 3 coops to sleep protected from night predators.