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Treehouse Internatural
Address: 403 Coneross Ave Seneca, SC, 29678
Phone: 860-690-7171
About Us
The Seneca Treehouse Project is a permaculture learning center dedicated to inspiration and education of sustainable development through hands-on learning, tours, retreats, and housing. STP is the home base to our parent company, Treehouse Internatural, a benefit corporation dedicated to helping each other live in harmony with our planet. Our goal is to help develop learning centers and projects around the world, while providing education and leadership training for sustainable development. We tend to our food forest and organic garden to provide an abundance of food for ourselves and our neighbors like you.
We grow our food using organic and permaculture inspired methods. ​Permaculture is a whole systems nature-mimicry design science. We offer tours, housing, experiences, and workshops designed to show you what is possible in the world of sustainability and how a few changes can make a positive impact on both people and planet.