Thompson Growers
Address: 375 Cleveland Pike Road Westminster, SC, 29693
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Phone: 864-648-8162
About Us
We have a new start up farm in Westminster, SC. We have been working on products that quality is not found in commercial stores, focusing on produce, vegetable transplants, and free range chicken eggs. We grow without toxic chemicals and deliver to customers within days of peak freshness.
*Winter 2017 we have chicken eggs sold by the dozen in assorted colors in large or medium packs. These are packaged and licensed with SC Ag Dept. as "Cognito Farms" which is under Thompson Growers
Striving to grow excellent quality fresh produce, fresh eggs and nursery plants. We maintain growing as naturally as possible - making our own compost, using organic fertilizers as needed, no chemical fungicides or pesticides.

Our laying hens forage all day in pasture and woodland with free choice layer feed, scratch grains/seeds, fruits and veggies. We have not used any medication and would withdrawal egg sales until cleared if needed.