Souliri Gardens
Contact: Willow Maloney & Davis Hill
Address: 236 Souliri ln Central, SC, 29630
Phone: 919-802-7465
About Us
Souliri (soul-eerie) Gardens is a small market garden founded in 2021. Our garden rests in a cut-out section of lush woods along 12 Mile Creek. Our mission is to feed our neighbors and nourish their souls with fresh, local produce, medicinal herbs, and cut flowers; some cultivated, some wild-harvested. We are passionate in our belief that food is a human right and we aim to educate ourselves and others about all the delicious things that can be found when you look for them.

Founders Willow Maloney and Davis Hill were raised in the South. They joined forces in the Pacific Northwest and learned to farm from Persephone, the goddess of spring, herself. Last year they packed their lives into a wobbly green van and headed to SC to be near family and pursue their shared dream of raising a garden and building community.
chemical free, low till, responsible wild harvest