Johnson Creek Farm
Address: 291 JOHNSON CREEK RD Iva, SC, 29655
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Phone: 864-378-1908
About Us
Johnson Creek Farm is located in Abbeville SC. We raise 100 % forage fed/finished beef, No grain, No antibiotics, No hormones, No wormers. We plant forages year round for our livestock. Clovers, turnips, oats, millet, peas and many other seasonal crops can be found for our livestock to graze. Rotational grazing is our preferred management system with mob grazing in the fall months. Our beef is ultrasound graded for quality before the animal is sent to the butcher to ensure the best and most consistent quality in our products. Our pork is raised in a non traditional grazing system that our pigs do not receive grain as a supplement. Pigs forage on our farm and follow the same system as our cows. However, we do not have pork available year round as we are limited in it takes longer to finish a pig on just forages. Broiler chicken are moved everyday at least once a day to new grass and forages. They are offered a soy free supplement feed with minerals to keep them in good health. We raise Cornish Cross and Freedom Ranger Broilers