Clemson University Student Organic Farm
Address: 101 Ag Services Center Old Cherry Road Clemson, SC, 29634
Email Address:
Phone: 864-986-1217
About Us
We are a five acre certified organic farm operated by Clemson University students. The farm is located in the Calhoun Fields adjacent to Perimeter Road on the Clemson University Campus. The farm soils are a rich bottomland soil made deep and fertile by the adjacent Seneca River. We mostly sell our produce through our CSA program but occasionally have extra produce to sell on CAFE.
Our produce is grown using certified organic practices. We protect and improve our soils fertility through cover cropping and the addition of organic fertilizers. Insects are controlled by attracting good bugs, frogs and toads with our ponds and flowers. We occasionally use organic pesticides to control stubborn pests. A variety of greenhouses help extend our growing season through the winter months.