Hooves & Heirlooms Farm
Contact: Nathan & Mandy Wright
Address: 628 Country View Dr Walhalla, SC, 29691
Phone: 864-280-3999
About Us
We are an Certified Organic Farm based in Walhalla SC.

We currently have:
Certified Organic Pasture Raised Eggs

We are hoping to have by next year:
Organic produce
Organic Salad Greens
Organic Microgreens

Organic Pasture Raised Broilers
Organically raised Kune Kune piglets for purchase
And possibly some great pyrenees puppies
We are Certified Organic, so as most everyone knows that means no artificial fertilize, pesticides and herbicides. No antibiotics and artificial medications. So we do things like make and use composts, invite beneficial insects to help fight or ward off non beneficial insects, we don't use herbicides but instead always have the ground covered either with weed matting, mulch, or cover crops (or weed by hand). We don't use antibiotics with our animals, but instead feed them a very healthy diet and rotate them often (once a week - everyday depending on the animal). If their sick we know within the day and are straight on researching a cure and finding an Organic or OMRI listed treatment for them.

We follow a lot of Regenerative Practices (we focus on building the soil and the microbiology within, with the understanding that nutrient dense soil makes nutrient dense food).

We are an Agroforestry farm. Based on the research we have done keeping as much of the natural environment as possible is the healthiest, best way to farm. Plus the added benefits of shade in summer, frost protection in winter, and natural mulch year around to fertilize the soil and keep it covered, but also attracts beneficial insects, and keeps the animals cleaner and healthier.

We are dedicated to continually reading, researching and trialing what is the best way to farm. But we are still learning (probably always will be). But our passion is to bring you - the customer the most nutrient dense food we possibly can.