Briar Hill Farm
Contact: Russ & Belinda Smith
City: Pickens, SC, 29671
Email Address:
Phone: 864-386-4995
About Us
Briar Hill Farm is a commercial flower farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Russ and Belinda Smith purchased land to establish their family farm in 2006. It was so wildly overgrown with thorny blackberry briars that Russ jokingly called it "Briar Hill Farm" & the name stuck. The farm is home to many animals including Boer & Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats which have helped maintain the thorny briars. The Smiths implement proven methods taught by their grandparents, to grow, harvest and preserve an annual supply of vegetables for their family. Belinda is a Certified Clemson Extension Master Gardener with a certificate in horticulture. She is also a member of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers, and the SC Specialty Crop Growers Association. Briar Hill Farm holds egg license #1362 with the South Carolina Department Of Agriculture & has rights to trademarks: Certified South Carolina Grown, & Appalachian Grown Certified Farm.
The guiding principle at Briar Hill Farm is to follow sustainability practices in all agricultural efforts. BHF growing practices do not include the use of herbicides or pesticides so customers can enjoy the full flavor & fragrances that only the freshest local produce & blooms can offer. There is no residue of harmful chemicals left behind on BHF Farmstead Flowers or produce!