Shallow Creek Farm
Contact: Tracy & Jenny Hostetler
Address: 432 Little Pond Rd Easley, SC, 29640
Email Address:
Phone: 864-320-0040
About Us
We are a family owned and operated sustainable farm in the Dacusville area of Easley, SC.
Our chickens are raised on pasture eating bugs, grass and a supplemental Non-GMO custom feed blend from Sunrise Farms in Virginia. They are given no hormones, antibiotics or steroids of any kind. They live happy, healthy, stress free lives enjoying sunshine and fresh air! We believe in raising animals by using slow, humane practices. Our chickens are moved to fresh pasture everyday and processed by a USDA certified, inspected & approved facility.
We desire to provide the most clean & natural meat we can. Our pastured poultry contains no hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Our chickens graze on fresh bugs & pasture daily, as nature intended, creating a very flavorful cut of meat!