Killer Watts Hemp Farm
Address: PO box 85 Six Mile, SC, 29682
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Phone: 864-637-9863
About Us
We are Jay, Tony, Shawn, and Neysa. We are a purposefully-small hemp farm that focuses on the quality of our product and community outreach rather than quantity. The four of us wear many hats and take our hemp from seed to product with love and a lot of hard work along the way. The four of us work the earth, plant, grow, harvest, process, package, market, research, and educate. We care deeply about our plants, our customers, and quality. Hemp farming is hard work but the daily testimonies and thanks from our customers make us feel like the luckiest farmers on earth!!!
We are a local, all natural hemp farm! Our goal is to make natural hemp and CBD products that everyone can enjoy. As a small farm, we focus on quality over quantity and strive for the best possible hemp strains to serve our customers with.

Benefits of CBD and hemp "bud":
We will not make medical claims, but rather we let real-life testimonies and on-going scientific research speak volumes for us! We have seen countless customers (ourselves included) replace pharmaceuticals and narcotics with hemp and get their lives back! Hemp has been used to treat anxiety, depression, weight-maintenance, insomnia, immune support, neurological functions, pain, cancer, drug withdrawals, and so much more! The body has an existing endocannabinoid system which CBD feeds. The endocannabinoid system regulates almost every biological process in our bodies.

Smoking hemp increases the bioavailability (the speed of onset of relief and effectiveness) of CBD vs. oral and topical methods of application. The CBD in hemp is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect and many people use smokable hemp (which distributes CBD to the large, permeable surface of the interior of the lungs) to treat lung issues and reduce the need for inhalers.

An alternative to smoking hemp is to use the hemp flower in a dry herb vaporizer (we like the XMAX Starry). When using a dry herb vaporizer, you are inhaling vapor rather than smoke as well as heating below combustible limits which protect the terpenes contained in the plant.